prepare for the test

There are a few things you need to do before you sit your learner permit test:

  1. Read Road to Solo Driving.  All the test questions will be taken from this booklet. You can pick up a copy from any VicRoads Customer Service Centre, most larger newsagents and bookshops or the RACV. Make sure you get the latest edition.  You can also download a copy from the VicRoads website.
  2. Test your knowledge of the road rules and other information in the handbook. Ask your parents or friends to quiz you by opening pages at random and asking you questions.
  3. VicRoads has produced a practice learner permit test which contains 32 questions. These questions are randomly generated and are therefore different each time you try. The wrong answers link you to the handbook so you can learn the right answer at the end of the test. While the practice learner permit test is a helpful tool, it contains a selection of all the possible test questions. The Road to Solo Driving handbook contains all the information you need to help pass the actual test.
  4. Once you are confident that you know the information in the handbook, and you can consistently pass the practice tests, you are ready to sit your learner permit test.